About us

Bent Oak Systems

Helping startups to shape their products since 2016

Who are we?

Bent Oak Systems started with a few friends in London, working in their professional careers and gathering at the weekends to chill out and share their dreams about the future.

As it happens in those gatherings of friends, there is always one with a couple of great startup ideas, but no money, time ,or team to build it.

So one of those friends decided to leave the day job and create an assembly line for those great ideas, that can be used for the friends. Later, it was proved useful for other clients as well.

Our mission

To find talent, educate it and help them to thrive, and grow with them.


To use the best of breed of technologies for each purpose, particularly to use more productive and connected ways of software production.


To focus on software quality - though we can be agile and deliver the results, our preference is to deliver high-quality, well-thought, well-designed, and extensively tested code.


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